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Minotaur Fight Gear Full Sleeve Shinguards

Minotaur Fight Gear

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Minotaur Fight Gear Full Sleeve Shinguards

This shin guard has been designed to help you train at your best for longer. The neoprene backing holds the guard in place and the full sleeve design makes sure it stays there. The padding is covered in 100% cowhide leather so you can be sure that they will last. These guards are strong enough to handle anything you can throw at them and are ultra-comfortable.

- Thick Impact Padding Covering Full Shin For Max Protection
- Leather/Foam Instep Providing Protection and Mobility
- 100% Cowhide Leather Designed to Last
- Full Neoprene Backing Holds The Guard Stable & Contours to Leg
- Above-Calf Velcro Closure + Foot Loop Add Security
- Includes Mesh Carry Bag

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