Hayabusa Ikusa Recast 7oz Hybrid Gloves

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Hayabusa Ikusa Recast 7oz Hybrid Gloves

Redesigned Hybrid Performance
The popular Ikusa® Series gets an upgrade. The new Ikusa® Recast™ 7oz Hybrid Gloves are uniquely designed for easy transitioning from striking to grappling. When used for striking, the resilient gloves recover and retain their shape and impact-absorbing properties. During groundwork, their tapered fit and premium lining offer unmatched grappling flexibility.

The Performance and Protection of Recast
Hand-crafted with the patented Dual-X® Wrist Closure, these revamped gloves provide superior fit, wrist / hand support and striking dynamics. Also equipped with an ultra-reactive inner core complex, advanced moisture wicking interior lining, Ikusa® Recast™ 7oz. Hybrid Gloves provide the ultimate in hand protection and comfort.


  • Equipped with patented Dual-X® for advanced wrist support and maximum striking power.
  • Designed with high quality engineered leather and exclusive inner lining for perfect fit and feel.
  • Most versatile combat glove for all types of training.