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In 2011 there were not a lot of options for Australians wanting to buy MMA gear in Australia. If you wanted to train with the gear the professionals were using, quite often you had to buy them from overseas. MrMMA decided to change all that.
We started bringing in the best brands we could and selling them at prices that everyday Australians could afford. Gone were the days of paying $30 for shipping! Gone were the days of waiting 2 weeks for your new gear to arrive!
Since those early days MrMMA has grown into a well respected online retailer of premium MMA gear, equipment and apparel. Our stock is not just for MMA though. Many of our products are perfect for a variety of different martial arts. From BJJ, Muay Thai and boxing, we have the products you need at the right prices.
While we still carry those big international brands like Venum and Hayabusa, we are now in a position where we can throw our support behind great local brands as well. We believe very strongly in getting behind Australian brands because all too often these smaller brands get overlooked by customers because they don’t have the name behind them that some of the larger international brands do. We are very proud to be able to say that the local brands we carry are all of a really high standard. Success at international level has to start at grass roots level so we strongly urge you to buy local brands wherever possible as these are the guys that are reinvesting in our local martial arts events.
We are the exclusive distributors of Minotaur Fight Gear, who are also based in Perth and have a small range of great gear that we are very proud to be able to get behind.
We also carry a range of apparel from MP fitness and Bow Fighters. Both of these brands are Australian owned and are fast becoming fan favourites.
Stay tuned for more news about MrMMA!

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